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Prepress has changed in recent years with the advent of the PDF file format and the introduction of new technology. Clear communication is the key to smooth file transfers. With this said, we welcome and encourage consultation between your electronic file wizards and ours, prior to submitting a job to Printcrafters / Westcan. We will take the time to explain our process and preferred file set-up, we'll even test your files to make sure they reach us in a "trouble free" state.

Our prepress department can handle a variety of pre-press tasks including high resolution scanning, colour management, film and plate imaging supported by digital and conventional proofing methods. ISBN bar codes can be prepared and incorporated easily into your cover design, particularly for retail publications.

An important step in the printing process is the proofing stage. It is at this point that errors and omissions can be caught and rectified. Whether it's a digitally produced proof (high or low resolution) or a conventional blueline, it should be studied carefully as once the proofs are signed and approved, it's off to press. All proofs are sent to our customers by overnight express courier (FedEx or UPS). The proofs will need to be returned to Printcrafters / Westcan before we can proceed to the next stage of production; as they function as a guide to run the job on press and at the finishing stage.




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